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Amber - Gold

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Amber is a chic watchcase power bank which enables you to charge your Apple Watch in a stylish way, on the go or beside your bed.

Also available on Amazon US and Amazon UK (export to 26 European countries)


    • Input: Micro-USB, 5V/2A
    • Output 1 (in the spool, for Apple Watch): USB, 5.1V/0.5A
    • Output 2 (in the back, for iPhone): USB, 5.1V/2A
    • Battery: 3800mAh, 3.7V
    • Dimensions: 101*101*46.4mm / 3.98*3.98*1.83in
    • Weight: 280g / 9.88oz
    • Materials: Aluminum, plastic 
    Charge Time
    • Fully charge Amber: About 3 hours
    • Charge Apple Watch from 0% to 80%: About 1.5 hours
    • Charge Apple Watch from 0% to 100%: About 2.5 hours
    • Charge iPhone 6 from 0% to 100%: About 2.5 hours

      Package Contents

      • Amber charging case in gold color *1
      • Amber’s spool *1 (for twining your Apple Watch charging cable)
      • Micro-USB cable *1 (for charging Amber from USB adapters)
      • User manual *1
      How to remove Amber's spool cover? 
      How to twine an Apple Watch charging cable in?

      Warranty: 1 year 

      Delivery (for reference only)

      Amber(s) will be shipped out within 72 hours (excluding Saturday and Sunday). The tracking ID will be provided to you after shipment. Then please refer to the following shipping time.

      As for Amber(s) shipped to European countries, UPS sometimes cannot be used. We will use a special line courier instead. Please allow 10 to 15 working days for Amber to reach you. You could also choose to buy Amber from Amazon UK, which supports 26 European countries. 

      Countries / Regions Carrier Shipping Time(Working Days)
      Australia Not available  Available time on hold 
      Austria UPS Special Line 9~12
      Belgium UPS Special Line 9~12
      Canada Special Line  15~25
      China S.F. Express 3~4
      Denmark UPS Special Line 9~12
      Finland UPS Special Line 9~12
      France UPS Special Line 9~12
      Germany UPS Special Line 9~12
      Hong Kong S.F. Express 3~4
      Indonesia Special Line 5~6
      Ireland UPS Special Line 9~12
      Italy UPS Special Line 9~12
      Japan Special Line 4~5
      Korea UPS 4~5
      Luxembourg UPS Special Line 9~12
      Macau S.F. Express 3~4
      Malaysia Special Line 5~6
      Mexico Not Available  Available time on hold
      Netherlands UPS Special Line 9~12
      New Zealand UPS 4~5
      Norway UPS Special Line 9~12
      Philippines UPS 4~5
      Poland UPS Special Line 9~12
      Puerto Rico UPS 4~5
      Saudi Arabia Special Line 5~6
      Singapore Special Line


      South Africa

      Special Line


      Spain UPS Special Line 9~12
      Sweden UPS Special Line 9~12
      Switzerland UPS Special Line 9~12
      Taiwan Special Line 3~4
      Tailand Special Line 5~6
      United Arab Emirates Special Line 5~6
      United Kingdom UPS Special Line 9~12
      United States UPS/USPS 4~5
      Viet Nam Special Line 5~6

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